A purposefully designed immune protection.


A flexible, modular synthetic technology platform that offers competitive advantages.

The Virometix technology platform enables purpose-designed, tailor-made vaccine candidates. Two distinct proprietary technologies are combined to create our vaccine platform:


  • Synthetic Antigen Mimetic (SAM) – a potent way for creating epitope-focused immunogens
  • Synthetic Virus Like Particle (SVLP) – a modular, flexible design driving robust antibody responses

Our synthetic nanoparticle delivery platform leads to safe and efficacious vaccines. With a structure-guided and algorithm-aided approach we design immunogens that mimic neutralizing epitopes on infectious agents and display them in multivalent form on highly immunogenic, self-adjuvanted particles. This particle architecture secures a precise, robust and sustained immune response.


Advantages of Virometix’ technology include the following:

  • Safety: No infectious or animal materials are used in production
  • Efficacy: Strong immunogenicity at low dose without adjuvant (B- and T-cell responses)
  • Focus: High epitope specificity
  • Stability: Long shelf-life and high thermostability
  • Production: Short lead times, proven synthetic methods suitable for large scale production
  • Scope: Unique versatile technology with many different addressable target disease areas and applications





Virometix has built solid IP protection for its technology in the relevant markets.

The growing patent portfolio includes umbrella patents granted for the SVLP platform. In addition, Virometix has established exclusive license and IPR agreements for patent rights owned by the University of Zurich and other scientific institutions, and has also generated proprietary know-how and expertise for the design, upscaling and optimization of SVLPs and synthetic antigens. Virometix takes care to maximize the protection of its technologies, products and interests in all relevant markets.